Unfettered Domestic is a movement, created by Larkin Gayl. A mother, teacher, artist & entrepreneur, she knew there was a way to create a simpler, richer home life, not bound by big companies telling us what to feed our children, or big media telling us how to live. An unfettered life.

Raised by bonafide hippies in Northern California, Larkin’s upbringing was filled with a wealth of naturally dyed wool, redwood forests, flea markets and folk music.

Her last company, Old School, created daily tips and online classes that taught its 300K followers a myriad of DIY projects, from the lost skill of repairing instead of replacing, to making our own health, beauty and cleaning products.

She is dedicated to flipping our current consumer culture on its head by questioning how and what we buy, simplifying just about everything in our lives, and making things ourselves when we can. Her goal is to help those of us who want to do more for the world but don’t always know how, find attainable, creative, and fun ways to make a difference from home by offering information and products that unfetter, empower, and inspire.

When she’s not teaching or sitting at a computer, she’s making something lovely, singing, or outside adventuring with her two, wild little boys.

Larkin’s Music